At the Event

Welcome to our event. We appreciate that you attend this year’s NightlyBuild edition and hope you enjoy the evening.
To make your experience as comfortable as possible, you can find the most important things on this page.

tl;dr: Don't be a jerk.

Code of Conduct

As an inclusive event, we appreciate all kind of humans as attendees and value each individual person equally. We kindly ask you to do the same and be open-minded.

We strictly commit ourselves and the event to our Code of Conduct and in case of a violation will enforce the guidelines with all necessary steps. In respect to all people who want to attend a friendly and open-minded event, this means that in worst case, we can exclude people who misbehave from our event.

Yum, yum…

Breaks, Food and Drinks

We will have several breaks between our talks. We will serve drinks before, during and after the event and due to a special deal with one of our sponsors (Nexum), we are able to serve you some fresh brewed beer for free during the event.

We will also have some food for you. It should be enough but please don’t take two or more servings at the beginning so everyone gets one.

Who… when?


You can find the schedule of our event here.

Uhm… where?

By plane

If you’re flying to the conference, choose a local train (S-Bahn) to Cologne Central station or Hansaring, then choose the S-Bahn to "Köln Ehrenfeld" and switch off there. From there, the venue is within a walking distance (see below).

By train

Arriving at Cologne Central Station ("Köln Hbf"), choose the S-Bahn (S12, S13) on track 11 (2 stops) to "Köln Ehrenfeld" and switch off there. If you’re taking a local cable car, switch off at "Köln Ehrenfeld S-Bahn". From there, the venue is within a walking distance (see below).
Please make sure to buy a train ticket (costs 2.40 Euro). The ride and walk takes about 15 minutes, trains leave every 10 minutes.


The next subway station is "Körnerstraße" where the cars 3 & 4 are stopping by. It´s a 3 minute walk from there to the venue, trains are arriving every 5 to 10 minutes.
From the station "Subbelrather Str./Gürtel", where cars 5 & 13 are stopping by, you´ll have to walk 5 to 7 minutes to the venue.


Starting from the train station mentioned above, follow the Stammstraße for about 200m to the venue. It’s a 3 minutes walk from the station and easy to find. Here’s a Link to the venue on Google Maps.